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We are bozoo

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Make or buy?

Before we start to develop sth. for you, we listen to you carefully and advise you on finding the right solution. Often it turns out in the discussion that there is already a ready-made solution, which you can acquire on the market place without putting a lot of money into an own development.
If there is no adequate solution, we will be happy to develop a solution in cooperation with you or adapt an existing extension.
Our promise: You don't spend any money more than neccessary.

  • Consultancy and Research

    We consult you and try to find an existing extension fulfilling your needs.
  • Adaptation

    We adapt and customize existing extensions to match your requirements.
  • Development

    If needed, we develop a tailor-made solution just for you and you get the ownership rights.

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All our work is dedicated to quality, robustness and performance


Specialized in Magento since 2010

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We take you seriously and listen to you

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